Day 8

Today was a good day.

I have been working on the Talk I will be giving on the 21st September at 2pm in Oriel y Parc’s discovery room.

When I went into the Tower, it was great to see the paintings I have started again.

I put them on the wall and looked at what they were doing.

I then approached them with the sense of inquiry and exploration that I felt I had lost a little on Monday.

Sometimes a break from the studio is good to let you see objectively again whilst you occupy yourself with other stuff.

I tested out the projector in the discovery room, and it felt quite exciting to see my work projected on a big scale like that.

It was also good to see paintings that have now sold, and look at them again and go back into the Tower and look at what I am doing now.

Today I incooportated linseed oil in the process.

And true to form, the chapel started to emerge.

I had to write a note to self ” OVER WORK IS A THING” as I could feel that perhaps I would get carried away.

The battle between stopping and continuing is a real one for painters. It’s really tough to stop!

Fortunately even the odour free turpentine got too stinky and I needed to leave.

So I went to sketch the Chapel somemore, in the beautiful atumnal sunshine that blessed us today.

I saw two nuns today, and several visitors – rock climbers and loads of kayakers in the sea.

But it is the nuns that interest me. Their devotion.