Day 4

Day 4

Today I was able to get up and into the Tower bright and early.

Having done some more research on St Non, the themes I have found which have interest me are; the rape of St Non, the birth of St David in the storm, the rock that broke, the rock on which her fingers imprinted during the birth, and the light which surrounded her in her labour and also the rocks which ‘rose’ out of the ground to protect her modesty while the King of Cardigan raped her.

It was wonderful to walk into the space to the canvases I had stained a few days ago. To just spend time looking at them, looking at what colours to add for the second layer of staining. Thinking about whether to start making some bold marks, and what is already emerging spatially and visibly from the first gentle coat of arbitrary brush strokes.

Fortunately my odour free turpentine had been delivered so I could start painting without worrying about how the fumes would affect me and any visitors I might get.

After applying the second layer of stains on the canvases, I worked on the watercolour paper I had been experimenting with whilst also chatting to visitors who came in to talk to me about my work, and my thoughts on the story of St Non.

I also applied a third stain to the oil on paper pieces and started to bring in blues – Prussian, cobalt and cerulean – in which order and where I am unable to remember.

I am trying to be more analytical about my initial process.

Also today I found out that I have been invited to exhibit the work I produce from the residency in the ‘Celebration of Welsh Contemporary Painting’ exhibition at Oriel y Parc from October 4th.

This exhibition will feature painters who are recognised as some of Wales’ best painters and those who are ‘up and coming’ or students.  I am honoured to be asked to show my work in this exhibition and hope I can rise to the challenge. The artists who are also exhibiting are Shani Rhys James, Mary Lloyd Jones, Martyn Jones, Sally Matthews, Alan Salisbury, Kate Freeman, John Darlison and Cherry Pickles.

I am bowled over to be included with such a line up of artistic giants with work that I have not yet completed! It is exciting and slightly nerve wracking all at once!

A great end to Day 4 for me.