Post residency blues….

It’s been just over a month since the residency ended.

After the excitement of the exhibition opening and then the sale of a painting the day afterwards, I have been getting on with other things such as being a more attentive parent whilst my son prepares for some GCSE exams, and basically shifting my focus from painting to parenting and working.

My shed space has also got so much less appeal than the glorious huge tower I enjoyed working in so much.

Yesterday I found that part of the shed was flooded with a couple of inches of water as the rain hasn’t really stopped for days.

However, I have tomorrow for painting and I have worked on two pieces since the residency.

I think that prepping more canvasses will help steer me back into the wonderful zone of focus I had created on the residency.

I also attended a talk by Alan Salisbury last week,  which was enriching and inspiring.

So it’s not as if everything has stopped, it is just that the momentum and focus feels dispersed and diminished as other things that need my attention have taken priority.

That is the nature of having to balance work and art work and parenting.  You have to maximise on every shred of time that becomes available.